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In an effort to raise the bar, and keep our standards high,

To be a member of Arizona Paranormal Investigations, we shall:

    • Exhibit professional and ethical behavior at all times.
    • Core Members must communicate completely with each other.
  • Communicate completely with the client regarding what the investigation includes.

  • If a dispute arises, settle it professionally and promptly.

  • Return phone calls and e- mail promptly to clients and or other team members.

  • Treat other paranormal professionals with respect.

  • Assist in the advancement of the Paranormal Research in Arizona by helping to educate the public and potential clients.

  • Observe all laws for any investigations.

  • Honor all agreements made with the clients.

  • Conduct business in a way that honors and protects the clients privacy.

Birdcage Theatre, Tombstone Arizona

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