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Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are “spirit voices” that are said to manifest themselves on audio recordings

Here are some examples of the EVP’s we have captured. Many of our EVPs are not on this site due to our privacy policy which states, API will not divulge any evidence from an investigation without the explicit written permission of our client.

Like the pictures, we have many more EVP’s to put on this site but I haven’t had time to put them all on. These examples range from class A to B-.

We enjoy having you listen, but please remember that these recordings belong to API and the person who recorded them. Taking them off of our site and using them elsewhere is stealing and copyright infringement, which is against the law. Thanks, please enjoy!

Go to EVP Recordings

For more information on EVP’s please see this article on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_voice_phenomenon

Tips for recording EVP

    1. Both Analog (cassette or micro cassette) or Digital recorders are acceptable and quality models can be purchased rather inexpensively.

    2. Use an external microphone to eliminate any chance of internal machine noise from contaminating the recording.

    3. If using an analog recorder always use a new tape. Used tapes are suspect and should be considered contaminated.

    4. Always use only one side of the tape. This will eradicate any possible sound bleed through or claims of contamination.

    5. Always test your recorder before using.

    6. Always bring extra tapes and batteries for the recorder.

    7. Try to record where there is not a lot of extra noise like near a busy road, crowds, etc.

    8. Use a loud clear voice to ask questions. Never whisper. Whispering may appear as false evidence.

    9. Pause between questions to allow the spirits to answer.

    10. Always make a comment on the tape when something happens that should be ignored like a slamming door, common noise, or someone talking far off. This ensures that when the recording is listened to sometime in the future, these common noises aren’t mistakenly thought to paranormal.

    11. Listen to your recordings in a quiet comfortable place where you will not be interrupted or distracted.

    12. Use high quality headphones or speakers when reviewing the recordings.

    13. Have a notebook and writing instrument so you can capture the location on the tape of any EVP that you captured.

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