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Ghost Hunting Equipment

Here will be information on different types of equipment we use. This is an incomplete list but I wanted to put something on this page to get you started. If you have any questions send us an e-mail or ask on the message board.


We use several styles of digital cameras. We have found that the higher the mega-pixel and the further the flash is from the lens the fewer dust orbs we get in our photos.

We also suggest bringing at least on all manual camera like an instant disposable camera for extremely hot locations where batteries are drained very quickly and digital cameras become unusable.

EVP Recorders

We use both analog and digital recorders, but have found the quality of the digital recordings is much better than analog, and it removes the expense of purchasing tapes.

We primarily use Olympus digital recorders with external microphones. It is not that we recommend Olympus over any others they just seem to have a good quality versus price point and we are completely self funded.

For analog we use full size cassette and micro-cassette recorders with external microphones. We use the highest quality tapes we can afford and only use one side and use them only once. Please see our advice on recording EVP’s on the EVP page.

EMF Meters

We use a variety of EMF Meters and you can get them relatively inexpensive off the internet. My personal favorite is the one by AW Sperry with the digital read out. Other members of our team prefer the ones that light up, which comes in really handy when you are working in the dark.

This is certainly a required piece of equipment, and in my opinion if you have to choose between this and a temperature gun; get the EMF meter. The least expensive EMF detector is the common compass.

Temperature Gauge

Several types of temperature gauges are available. There is the gun style that will report surface temperatures at a distance. There is also instant read probe types for measuring cold spots that are not against a wall. You can get them from $50 to $150 on average for the gun style and as inexpensive as $10 for the instant read probe style.

Video Cameras

We use Sony video cameras exclusively. They are the only ones with Night Shot that allows you to record in 0 lux (completely dark) lighting.

IR Cameras

The more LED’s the better. The more LED’s the more expensive though. We have several of these that we use in conjunction with VCRs to capture evidence. These are good to set up and walk away. They also have microphones and we will occasionally get EVP’s on them.

Video Cassette Recorders

Any decent 4 head VCR will work with the IR cameras to collect data. We are also looking into getting some Digital Video Recorders as well.

IR Motion Sensors

IR motion sensors are great for covering high traffic areas without having to stay there all the time. They are sold as driveway monitors where they will sense movement and set off an alarm on a remote that we carry with us.

Dowsing Rods

Energy is energy. The sensitive members of the group use them like EMF detectors.

These are things we take as well, but probably don’t need any real explanation:

First Aid Kit

Flashlights (headlamps too)


Walkie Talkies

Extra batteries

Cell Phones

Notepads and Pens

Equipment we would like to acquire:

Thermal Cameras

Better IR Cameras

4 or 8 channel DVD Recorders

Motion Sensors with cameras (Game Cameras)

Wireless Audio equipment

Professional quality sound software for EVP analysis

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