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Ghost Stories From Our Visitors

The following stories have been sent to us and we have posted them just as we received them.

If you have a story you would like us to post please e-mail it to:


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I LIVED AND GREW up in a little town called Salome Arizona, Which is about 2 hours west of phoenix by Wickenburg. My family owns lands there, and we have our own private cemetery as well. Growing up my grandfather (A not so good man) Built the house that we lived in. From the time I can recall we lived with ghosts. Things moving, Things being thrown around, Sounds you could not explain, Lights that would travel in the middle of the desert without any form of explanation. The house has since been torn down because it fell into disrepair but the land stands and its just as disturbing as it was then if not more. Something is there and it wishes nothing more than to be heard. I’m not sure why, Now I am a pretty gifted empath, I’m not saying IM psychic at all, but going back there after I have been touched by this gift, it was like smothering. The land itself was sucking the life from others. As strange as that sounds. A for instance when I was about 5 I had the flu really bad! My mother was outside tending to laundry and I was in the front most bedroom, There was only two bedrooms, but I was in the one that was furthest away from where she was. We didn’t have built in closets because my grandparents were from Ireland. so we had freestanding closets that came about a foot away from the wall itself, and I of course having the flu had fever so bad. Well as my mother left the closet door opened, and when the door to the outside closed from my mother, Out stepped the head and torso of my great grandmother, at least I think it was, I never met her only had a picture of her face hanging in our living room. I could feel her sit on the side of my bed, and when she touched my forehead I could feel the coolness of her fingers. I could have sworn she was real. And she whispered to me.. “Everything is going to be alright” And I closed my eyes a moment later and I heard my mother come in and sit with me. and when I finally fell asleep after being so afraid to do so ! I woke and my fever was gone. That was just one example of what happened there. Thanks for listening!

Jennifer Crane

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MY GRANDMOTHER LIVED to be 94 yrs old and all of my life growing up
I knew her to collect Cardinal figurines and things. Her room was full of
Cardinals. She would sit next to the window staring at her bird feeders
watching the birds and pointing out red cardinals.
At her funeral as the pastor was talking a few cardinals landed on the
casket and sat there for a few minutes. And as they were lowering her, a
burst of cardinals singing in the distance broke out and did not quit
until she was lowered all the way.
Mike Nickolas

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I WAS ACTUALLY the first to experience something. I was home sick one day, and I was in bed, just beginning to doze off again when this HUGE booming voice echoed all through the apartment that yelled “HEY!!” I jumped up out of the bed and stood there completely dazed and just looking around. I was home alone! My partner was actually grabbed around the waist while she slept one night. I was up late drinking and she’d gone to bed a little earlier. In the morning, she asked me if I had been messing with her the night before. She had been all alone in our room.

We have two adult room mates and two children that also live with us. I’m not going to include everything that has happened to all of us because there would just be way too much. One day, our female room mate was home by herself, and the kids were outside playing. She was doing dishes in the kitchen and she went outside to go check on the kids for a moment. When she came back in, her oldest daughters car seat, which had been under a table in the dining room, was sitting in front of the sink! Her youngest daughter carries on conversations with no one, teasing them with her food when she is in her high chair. Finally, our male room mate was just fixing the shower curtain in the front bathroom two days ago when one of the shower hooks fell off. He bent down to pick it up, and it was gone! He’s mad now because we can’t find it anywhere.

Our ghosts seem more mischievous and annoying than threatening. We were having a party one night, and the blender was being used to make mixed drinks. We poured everybody a glass, set the blender pitcher down , and when we turned back around the lid was just gone. We tore everything out of our cabinets, looked in the dishwasher, even the oven. The lid was no where to be found and we couldn’t make any more drinks. A few weeks later, that lid showed up, gently placed on top of the Tupperware we’d torn out of the cabinet.

Investigators from API are coming over tonight to have a peek. I can’t wait!

Misty Cahal

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I HAD A HOUSE years ago (in Mesa) that turned out to have a lost soul in it. I figured it out from my dogs, who are more sensitive to such things than most people. Once I figured it out, I conducted a little ceremony to wish the spirit well and help it move on. Afterwards, I never had another problem.

I found out some time after that, that the previous owners, who owned a local chain of jewelry stores that is since gone, had a son who had committed suicide in the room in question. The disturbances had always been just in front of the usually closed door to that room. I was using it for a music room. I had wondered why the ceiling in that room was the only one with a textured coating on it and assumed it was to hide some kind of damage but I had no idea what had caused the damage.
Just thought you might like to hear about this incident.

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I grew up in the Carefree/Cave Creek area. Back in the mid 80s (in the days of my miss spent youth I might add) and when the area was a lot less populated than it is now. I was on my way home from hanging out with my friends. I decided drive my 4WD into a wash that was on the way home off of Pima road & south of Cave Creek road to polish off a couple of the few remaining beers that were in the cooler and take the wash home that passed almost in front of my house before I called it a night. (this was a customary thing back then between the locals and the Sheriffs that if you had tied a little one on that it was safe passage as long as you stayed off the main roads). I proceeded to stop my truck, turn on the tunes drop the tail gate & grabbed a beer and just started kicking back. Normally I’m mindful of the desert but that night I decided to be a litter bug and toss the empties off onto the side of the wash. On about round 3 a beer can was thrown earlier landed at my feet from where it was resting about 15-20 feet away in the darkness. It was common in the wash for some of my friends to slip in from some of the surrounding homes on foot if they saw someone park there. I didn’t bother to look into the desert I just thought it was one of my buddies playing a joke on me. So I opened another one downed it, did the same thing and about 10 seconds later there it was at my feet. I thought alright, enough is enough and grabbed my flashlight & shined it to the area, no one there. I thought I must have been loosing my mind and grabbed another and sipped it down. Before I tossed it, a coke can that was laying around the same spot as where the others were landed at my feet. This time, my flashlight was in hand & I shined it to the area, no one. I panicked and shouted “do you want me to pick these up”? Then with my light on the area of the last can it flew from behind a bush into the back of my truck no one definitely there! I quickly grabbed the cans at my feet jumped into the truck and made it home up a wash 1/4 mile in what seemed to be about 10 seconds. I have not been in the wash since. The area is a little less than 1/4 mile from the town cemetery & near what used to be a cavalry road.

Randy Withers

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I am Navajo Indian. I have a few stories but I will share one in particular that has scared me. I’m not a journalist so I will do my best.

It was a Friday night and my family and I were heading up to the Navajo Reservation (Chinle area) for the weekend. A ceremony was going on at my Aunt’s house when we arrived at our home. We had arrived very late (11pm). My dad, brother, and I started unpacking the truck when we saw 3 four wheelers running about in the prairies near our home. My dad and I continued to unpack thinking that it was my drunk cousins going nuts on a Friday night. They had seen our truck lights on and started coming our way. My dad motioned for my brother and I to go inside and lock the door. We heard my dad talking and it was my Uncle Jr, and a couple of cousins (can’t remember who). They were riding around because at the ceremony the medicine man had seen 2 sets red eyes peering at him through a small opening. So he advised the men to see what it was. My Uncle JR said that they had been chasing whatever it was out here for almost an hour. He said that one of the “creatures” had lunged at him so that is why he had a rifle with him. After hearing this my dad go his rifle and sat watch to protect us for the night. A few hours later we heard gun shots. I was so scared. My dad came back in and said that everything was alright and that it would be morning soon. When morning came, I had asked my dad what happened. He said that as he was on the porch most of the night with my Uncle, they had heard a noise in a distant and went to check it out. Seems that they had seen 2 sets of red eyes peering at them. They told whoever it was to show themselves or they will be shot. Nothing. So my Uncle took aim and shot. My dad said that he heard a woman scream!! A few minutes later sounded like a truck door opening and closing. Then nothing for the night after that. For my dad to tell me this story and for my Uncle to vouch for it, it is 100% TRUE

Denise Mike

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This really isn’t a spooky ghost story, it is more of a spirit story. I have a 10 month old son. The day that he was conceived was the day after my grandmother passed away. I say that Kaizer is a gift from my grandmother.

There is a place in my bedroom in the top corner by the door that my son always looks at when he is in the bedroom. One night when my husband and I were going to bed, I saw a light figure of a head in the top corner of the room. It was a figure of my grandmother. I had never seen this figure before. About an hour later my son wakes up screaming like he was in pain. I walked him around the living room thru the hallway and nothing could calm him down. I took him into the bedroom thinking I could rock him in the chair. He looks up in that same corner as I did and stops crying. He smiled a little bit and then proceeded to go back to sleep. I realize that my grandmother is my son’s guardian angel and that is where she sits and watches over the family to protect us from harm.

Shanna Stinson

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At the Greenway Springs apartments in Phoenix Arizona their is a
haunting. In the apartment my boyfriend and I live in , strange things are
happening. Anyone who sleeps over has nightmares. In the morning you hear
someone get in the shower when no one really does. When you take a shower
by yourself you can feel someone in the shower with you sometimes. my hair
stands on it’s ends just typing here. Last night somebody threw something in
our bedroom doorway but none was awake. spooky
Lindsay Terry

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In 1995 to 2002, my parents owned a house off of 43rd avenue and bell rd. (on Grandview rd.) In my parents bedroom, they had an armoire where they kept their TV. Whenever my parents (together or alone) were watching TV, the doors to the armoire would close. We are the type of family that is skeptical of supernatural and ghostly occurrences so we figured that it could’ve been the air-conditioning or some other factor. We soon believed that it was a spirit of some sort, because it happened the whole time we lived there. We would also hear a very loud, startling bang noise in the very same room. The presence was never threatening, but just strange and never showed itself. When my parents sold the house, our neighbors kids bought it. The woman who now lives there used to do my hair. I came in one time after they lived there and she had asked me if I had ever heard or noticed anything strange in the house. We had never mentioned this to these people and she described similar experiences. Weird huh?!

Kari B

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Our family shares 10 ghosts that travel from house to house we have 2 little girls a grown woman name Amzia we call her Broom Hilda she thinks she controls the family we also have 3 little boy who stand in the corners and we have and we have a guy that sits in the fireplace at my house…

Amber S.

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When I was a little girl, I used to get sick a lot. like cold/flu bugs. one night, when I had a little bit of a fever and couldn’t sleep, my aunt came into my room with a small glass of water for me, and put her hand on my forehead, comforting me to sleep. in the morning, I came out of my room to return the glass to the kitchen, and thank her for the night before. she had no idea what i was talking about. we would have just thought I was delirious from the fever, but for the glass that still had a trickle of water in it.

we know this was a ghost because (she) wanders the hall and 3 of the bedrooms in that house. when we are watching TV there or lying on the couch reading, we will see her as a fuzzy outline in the hall. when we look directly at her, she fades away. I call her a she because of the night she took care of me.

Janina N.

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My multiple ghost story occurred in the area of 61st ln and Brown in Glendale. My ex husband (future ex husband back then) and I had moved into a house with my 3 younger children in tow, they were approx 6, 8 and 10. I am a paramedic and work 24 hour shifts with 2 days off between shifts which left me home alone during the days because my kids were in school and my future ex husband was a police officer in Glendale and worked days. Not long after moving in I heard loud footsteps walking across my roof. they sounded heavy and at a kind of fast pace. I jumped up from the couch and ran out the front door to see who was on my roof. I saw nothing out front so I ran around to the back of the house thinking I had a possible intruder which I thought was kinda ballsey (sp) in the broad daylight. I found nothing…no foot prints or signs of anything unusual so I went back inside. a little bit later it happened again so again I did my parameter check (cop talk…it rubs off on y!

a) again nothing. So I went back inside and just like clockwork it happened again. This time I called my big brave future ex-husband home in his police car and I told him what happened and that I thought it was somebody messing with me. he checked the “parameter” and nothing. soooo this occurred several times on different days for quite a while and only for me never when anybody else was home…HOW RUDE! So now I looking like I’m pretty whacked when one evening (still light out) while all of us were in the living room watching TV…it occurred. Now my future ex went into action and checked everything out. Nothing but at least now it wasn’t just me. He and they became believers. Soon other things began to happen some of them very funny to me like my kids separately, never together, would come running into the living room and say yeah mom! as if I had called them which I hadn’t and when I told them I didn’t call they would get angry and say that I did. Ghosts with senses of humor !

gotta love it. One night we were getting ready for bed and F.E.H. (future ex…. both got up from the couch and walked to the TV and I turned it off and it was definitely off ( yes I turned it off with the remote while I was standing in front of the TV…habit) and set the remote on top of the TV and we both walked toward the computer and 1/2 way across the room the TV turned on behind us with quite an electrical surge…he turned ghost white and I told him to breathe and try to calm down. For some reason it didn’t scare me at all. I told him whoever it was was just saying hi or letting his/her presence be known and wasn’t trying to hurt us. I never ever felt threatened in that house except for when I thought somebody from this world was trying to get in, as a matter of fact I miss it terribly. There are so many more stories in that house but I’m getting typers cramp so I’ll leave it at that. If you have never experienced anything like this I hope that someday you can and of course that it’s as interesting and as positive as my experiences have been.

Patty S.

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I lived in a condo in the 7th St and Dunlap area for 6 years. Almost every night, around 1 or 2 am, I would see 2 little boys run through my bedroom. They would come in where the window was located and exit on the opposite wall. Just as they were exiting the room, they would separate, The blond one going towards “S” mountain and the Native American one heading toward Dreamy Draw. I always had the impression that the parents didn’t want the boys to play together, but they were great friends anyway. They were always running and laughing.

Kay S.

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I will start by saying I am a strong believer in the after life and spirits. I lost my mom 11 yrs ago just after the birth of my daughter. As my daughter was growing up, she used to talk to her self all the time. She was around 3 when I asked her who she was talking to, her reply didn’t shock me but brought comfort. She smiled up at me and said “nanny, and she says she loves you.” it still to this day brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. At times I can still hear Cheyenne talking to her nanny and thats awesome. I moved to Arizona July 04. Now my favorite animal is squirrels. I miss them the most since our move and people are always telling me that there aren’t any in phoenix, at least not the grey ones Im use to. On Sunday morning I was getting my son ready to go fishing with his sister and friends when I saw it, sitting on my wall at the back of my house was a grey squirrel. Well I knew who it was just by the oddness of seeing it here. I told my daughter and she said it was nanny saying hi, and I agreed. Now the strange thing, Monday night around 8 my kids were coming down the hall and a clock that is hung on a cabinet facing up the hall just jumped off the nail and landed on the floor. Now all 4 of us saw this happen. No one said anything except to ask if we all saw the same thing, and yes we did. That was not the first time it has happened. About a week earlier I was watching TV after everyone had gone to bed when I heard a loud thud. When I went to look I found the same clock had fallen into the trash. I know my mom has followed my family here, but there is something else that is here as well. I hope to find out soon, or Im going to be buying a lot of clocks I think.

Robyn E

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During the late 70’s early 80’s when I was attending Alhambra
High School, I made an unlikely friend. She would constantly tell me of the
strange occurrences happening to her and her sister. Inexplicable
phenomena, showers turning to urine, her sister being tormented at night,
apparently sexual advances by an unseen force. I was young, and thought nothing
less than craziness, although I always had a strange affinity for the
paranormal. We used to go to her house, which was one block from the school, during
lunch hour, eat, listen to music and smoke cigarettes.

On one occasion, when were in her bedroom, this is where we would smoke, opening her
window so her parents wouldn’t smell it, my friend started displaying weird
actions, as if she were extremely uncomfortable, I asked her what was wrong,
and she replied that it was the strange force that frequently bothered her.
The radio that we were listening to, suddenly increased in volume, and then
decreased. I thought nothing, all of the sudden, loud banging on the closed bedroom door! This REALLY scared me! There was no one in the house! I believe the door
knob turned vigorously as well. My friend continued to say there was no one
in the house, and logically I knew this, but, what was it??!!! We went and
checked every corner of the house, all doors and windows were locked. Scared to
death, we retreated back to her bedroom. With in seconds, there was a
huge, loud bang, as if the front door had slammed shut. My friends bedroom
wall was shared with the entry hall, so there was no mistaking it! We went
to see the door, and it was locked, including a latch lock that could not be
in place, if someone were leaving the house. I ran into her bedroom, took
out the screen from her window, and ran down the street as fast as I could,
never going back to that house again.

We remained friends although she was always in a daze looking over her shoulder constantly. I had a male friend who opposed our friendship stating that she was whacked, not believing her stories, trying to explain away my encounter. One day just by coincidence, my male friend came to my house while my friend was there. we were listening to music and drinking Pepsi, when my friend started displaying the weird “encounter” actions
again. My Male friend made a comment when suddenly a Pepsi can flew from on top
of a stereo speaker. My male friend left in a hurry, and vehemently opposed
our friendship after that. We weren’t friends for too much longer. she would
do things like walk in front of cars stating the evil entity was coercing
her. Often times she would speak in low guttural tones. I could not stand it
anymore! She turned out to be a fly by night friend anyhow, as she
tried to turn one of my best friends against me, and succeeded. Did the evil
control her finally? I will never know, but I know what I heard and saw!


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comment: I would like to share my experience of our dog Junior (female) who
made multiple visits to let us know she was ok after passing on. Junior and
our other dog Kachina were very much like children to us we loved them both
very much, and miss them dearly. Junior was a Black & Tan Coonhound who just
turned 12 and developed a severe case of phenomena. We tried every remedy
possible to help her, but it was obviously her time to move on.
She passed away while I was holding her body in my lap, and I could feel her
heart stop beating. Her body shook for awhile, and I could sense her spirit
leaving her body. This had a terribly strong emotional effect on me, I
couldn’t go anywhere without crying and would many times ask her to let me
know in some very obvious way that she was ok.
The first was hearing the sound of her toenails on our tile floor, and
seeing a very small light move through the room. I had initially thought
this was part of my wishful thinking that it was her, but I was not
convinced. I cried one more evening and told her that I really needed to
know she was ok, so I could let go and move on in a positive way. As I left
our bedroom and was heading downstairs, all of the lights in our front yard
went on! It looked like a baseball field lit up. I stood by the window and
could feel warmth of love coming through the light it was one of the most
beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. I knew it was Junior, and I thanked her
for letting me know she was ok. I turned to go back into the bedroom and the
lights went off.
I tried to explain this to my finance and he thought all of my crying and
grief had really gotten to me. Needless to say, that evening as we were
eating dinner, the lights in the front yard went on again. I told my finance
that it was Junior and he thought it could have been the wind tripping the
automatic lights. The next evening at dinner, the lights went on again and
this time I went outside to check and there was no wind at all. I told him
this and he started to believe me. After a week and of the lights going on
and off outside particularly when we were thinking of Junior, we both felt
comfort in the fact that it was her and she wanted us to let go.
I still miss my buddy Junior dearly and will always know she is just a light

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I live in an apartment complex built about 20 years ago. Up until moving into this apartment, I have never had ANY odd or unexplained experiences nor have I had any belief in ghosts, ESP, etc. Since living here, many strange things have been happening to me. Some of these experiences have been visual. I have seen a shadowy mist moving through the apartment. I have had many episodes of what I suspect are ocular migraines since moving here. I had an ocular migraine many years ago when I also was plagued with normal migraines – but, none for the last 20 years or so. There is a coat closet door that I keep noticing in my periphery is open when it shouldn’t be and when I turn to close it, it is already closed. Twice I have been awakened by very, very strong odors. Once, a very strong onion-spice-stew cooking smell. I got out of bed to try to figure out where the smell was coming from. I live alone and it was around 3:00 a.m. In just a few minutes, the smell was completely gone. Last night (9/9/06) around 2:00 a.m., I awoke to the overpowering smell that, at first, I thought was a very sweet-smelling perfume but, realized it smelled more like someone had sprayed a strong room deodorizer into my face. The smell was so strong that I felt like I was choking and I pulled the sheets up to cover my nose and mouth. Again, after a few minutes the smell was completely gone. Once in the middle of the night I woke up suddenly and noticed that the clock was blinking 12:00 like the electricity had gone out. Nothing else in the apartment was affected. I never feel frightened, just a little freaked out. Should I try to get some recordings EVP (is that correct?) or set up a video camera. Since this has begun, I have been having periods of ESP-type dreams and “visions” some have been strong impressions about the serial rapist of all things!


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My story in Prescott

Hello, I have a story I would like to share. I also wonder if I can get some advice on how to communicate with my “visitor”.

I have an apartment in a little fourplex built in 1966 in Prescott, AZ, and from the day I signed the lease, I knew I would not be living alone. The first night I had a “dream” (I was not fully asleep at the time) wherein I had a male visitor come to me, and tell me that I would not be alone, that I would have to share my new home with “him”. My first reaction was that I was just imagining it, and I tried to convince myself that it was just a dream. And for weeks, nothing happened. Then there were a couple more “dreams” where I saw a figure sitting in my room watching me. And I have to say, I do not usually remember my dreams, there was something very real about these “dreams”. When I would open my eyes to look in the area where the presence was, I saw nothing, but I did see that my cat was very alert and staring in that particular corner of the room. There have also been times I have felt movement on my bed before I go to sleep at night, and when I look around, my cat is out in the living room, sleeping. These episodes occur infrequently, like a couple times a month. And usually, when these episodes happen, my cat gets nervous, staking the house, meowing at the corners of the living room and bedroom. I was still attributing all this to my imagination until I had a friend over visiting me. I was just relaxing on my couch, with my eyes closed, when my friend said, “how did you get those eyes on your wall?” I was confused and looked and there were two spots that looked like eyes glowing on the wall of the living room, lasting about a minute then they just faded away. I still did not want to admit that I really saw something, but I thought it was strange that my friend saw that, when I had never even mentioned my other happenings to him. Then, after spending a few nights here, he said he had felt something on the bed, and looked around and nothing was there. This started occuring more frequently, and my friend even started having the “dreams”, even though I had never told him about it. When he told me, I finally admitted to him that I had been experiencing the same episodes. Then, finally one night, my friend had a “dream” that the “visitor” was in the corner of the bedroom and was trying to talk to him, trying to tell my friend what his name is, but my friend could not understand the “visitor”. The next day my friend and I were out for dinner, and came back home and found a picture frame with photos of my aunt and uncle that I had kept on the windowsill was now on the center of my bed. I picked up the picture frame and the glass on one side (it was a double picture frame) was broken, and then noticed that there were small shards of glass on the bed. This time, there was no denying there is someone else in my home. I could not come up with any explanation for the picture frame to have gone from the windowsill to the center of the bed 8 feet away. The cat cannot get on that window sill, plus nothing else on that window sill was disturbed, the window was closed, so there was no breeze. And I also could not explain how glass broke on a soft surface, a quilted comfortor covering my pillowtop mattress. My friend went back to his house saying he wanted to check on his father, and I called my family to check on my aunt. When my friend came back, he went through my house and scattered ghostchaser throughout (my friend is full Navajo). Everything has been quiet since then. Nothing happened for a few months, then I started feeling my “visitor” a couple times again, not as frequent this time. I always had the impression he not harmful, until the picture frame incident. Then, I realized there was a reason for it, and he did not hurt anyone. I just had the “feeling” he meant no harm. So, when I felt the bed move again for the first time I kept my eyes closed and said alound, “it’s okay, you can stay here with me. I want to share my home with you.” Then, I felt a gentle touch on my face and then it left. I also had surgery on my shoulder, and when I was in bed, not quite asleep yet, I had another “dream” and actually saw a clear image of “him” sitting on an old trunk I have next to my bed. He was dressed in an older military uniform, army green color, and he was just sitting there watching over me, smiling, and I heard him say, “it’s alright, I am here”. Now, there are also some other things going on outside my apartment. There are scurrying sounds coming from the back of the apartment where the alley is, and when I look I see nothing. This sound frightens me, immensely. Then a couple weeks ago my friend came over to my apartment to take care of some things for me while I was at work. When he came in, he found a crystal vase shattered on the kitchen floor. The vase was on a shelf above the refrigerator behind several other objects, like pots and pans. The pots and pans had not been moved, and the cat cannot jump that high with his arthritis. This is the first time anything has ever happend in the kitchen. Usually my “visitor” is in the living room or my bedroom. The kitchen leads to the alley in the back where I have heard the scurrying noises. I am afraid of this thing in the alley. I get the feeling my “visitor” is actually here to protect me from the thing in the alley. I am just wondering if you can give me advice on how to talk to my “visitor” and find out who he is, and if there really is something in the alley, or just a couple raccoons or something playing around back there.

Well, that is my story to share. Thank you for reading all this, and any advice anyone can give me. I feel a “friendship” with my “visitor”, and want to know what to call him, what his name is.


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